Monday, June 10, 2013

Time for a few thank you's...

Today's blog post is an easy one.

Thank you to my fabulous co-workers for the sweet send-off "meeting" today (and the sweet goodies, too).  And mostly thank you for making our workplace one that I can be away for so long... I appreciate each of you so much. 

Thank you to our wonderful church family for the prayers on our behalf for a safe trip. We are excited to see places that we have studied about with you for many years.

And thank you to our wonderful travel agent, Deb Chambers, of The Magic for Less Travel - you have been so fabulous from handling the "big stuff" to answering even the most minor of questions as we've put this adventure together.  The fact that you knew exactly what we'd want from the moment DCL announced their itineraries and made it so effortless for us is a testament to why we have been loyal TMFL Travel customers for over 8 years and have had all of our cruise vacations booked through the agency.

If you're a regular reader, we will have internet access through Saturday and do plan to update the blog from the road.  Some of you have asked if it's ok to share our blog with friends and workmates - absolutely - we're glad to share our adventure.

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