Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ephesus, Miletus, and Didyma

We spent Saturday in Turkey, visiting Ephesus, Miletus, and Didyma. We had an early start, leaving the ship before 8:00 AM which was good because it was a hot and dusty day.

Our first stop took us to the ancient city of Ephesus where we entered from the upper gates and worked our way towards the lower. The middle left picture is from the Odeon which was a gathering place for political meetings and such. The bottom right is the Celsius Library, one of the more important buildings in Ephesus. The top left shows the Great Theater in the distance.

There aren't many things to see at Miletus, but the theater is still there (top right). After Miletus, we drove to Didyma for lunch where we had apple tea along with a variety of Turkish delicacies (bottom left) before going to see the temple of Apollo.

While the day was full and exhausting, especially since it was back-to-back with a full day in Athens, we still managed to stay up for the 10:30 PM showing of Monsters University. Because this is such a port intensive cruise, we were a week into it before we had a chance to see a movie! (Well, technically one of the boys saw one while the adults were in Cinque Terre for the day).

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  1. Apple tea!! We loved all the apple tea!!

    Elton John did a concert in that theater (as did others I'm sure) and it is so much fun to watch it on YouTube while you hold that memory in your mind. What an experience that would be!