Sunday, June 16, 2013


On Sunday, our tour took us to Monaco which is a town on the principality of Monaco. While there, we saw Princess Caroline's house, the Jacques Cousteau aquarium, and the Palace. But my favorite part was the gardens which are featured in today's photo.

Because it was Sunday, we did not tour the cathedral, and the crowd was thick so we weren't able to see the changing of the guard, so instead, we went in search of something to eat, much like we enjoy the rides at Disney World while everyone else is watching the parade. We found a walk-up pizzeria where she had just placed a fresh Margherita pizza, so we bought a few slices and called it lunch. That is a "hidden expense" of cruising - being out on an all day excursion and missing the midday meal onboard because you are too far away from the ship or it is too much hassle to get back on just to go back out.

From Monaco, we visited Monte Carlo and Eze, to follow.

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  1. awesome, I bet the aquarium was pretty cool too!