Wednesday, June 19, 2013


High up in the clouds along the French Riviera lies the medieval village of Eze. This was our third stop on our day excursion from Villefranche and the one I was looking forward to the most. When you arrive in Eze, there is a parking area, and then you walk straight up to the medieval area where you will find spectacular views, a beautiful church, gardens, and several shops set among the old stone buildings. The "streets" are really pathways, barely wide enough for a person to pass, but well worth the trek.

Before going up to the medieval area, you will find a small hotel, a perfume factory, several gift shops, the local post office, and the tourism office. The tourism office offers free wifi and there are a few benches outside where you can get a good connection. I was able to use some of my free voice minutes on an iPod app to call my family while we were waiting for our free time to be over. Had I realized there was the Internet access earlier in our visit, I would have parked the teenagers on a bench so they could download the latest episode of their favorite podcasts.

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