Thursday, June 20, 2013


We enjoy looking for hidden Mickeys at the Disney theme parks and on board the Disney cruise ships. But when we were looking at the laundry photos from Cinque Terre, we spied a Mickey in the background. Do you see it?

We think Monday must be laundry day in Italy because everywhere we turned, there was laundry hung out to dry.

Speaking of laundry, we have done a few loads already. We were able to get some done shortly after boarding. Here is a packing tip: if you have been traveling a few days before boarding and have a suitcase dedicated to dirty laundry, be sure to pack your detergent with it; otherwise you will have to either purchase some onboard or wait for your other bag to arrive (we bought some).

The washing machines on the Disney Magic are set for HE detergent but can use non-HE or the laundry sheets like Purex if you still have any. If you use the sheets, place them in the middle of your load rather than in last to prevent it from being tossed to the front of the machine and not being used properly. The machines can hold up to 18 lbs. They take 23 minutes for a cold water wash and it costs $2 per load.

The dryers are doing a pretty decent job this trip but usually need longer than the 45 minutes you get when starting a load. We have found you can double-up the time by swiping your KTTW (key to the world) card through a second time after starting and add an additional 55 minutes to the time. The nice part about this is you can take your clothes out sooner and the next person can use any remaining time plus add their own. It's like pay-it-forward pixie dust in the laundry room!

We arrived back onboard from Roma around 4:00 PM and there was no one doing laundry, so on port intense sailings, that can be a great time to use the machines. We are on our 2nd sea day in a row today and I was pleasantly surprised to find two open washers at 10:45 AM and three men doing laundry. As I am writing this, I am waiting for the laundry to finish drying before heading to Topsiders for a BBQ lunch.

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  1. Cindy: Only you could write about doing laundry and make it seem like such an adventure. Your writing almost makes me want to jump up off the couch, run to the washer and throw in a load of dirty clothes. (key word is almost)