Monday, June 24, 2013

Of sea days and fish extenders

It's day #10 of the cruise and for this itinerary, that means a day at sea. Our use of a clothespin to keep the curtain from gapping let our cabin stay dark later than usual, so we all slept in. Sea days are great for just relaxing and hanging out, but if you aren't careful, the day can get away from you fast. Here's what we did today:

1. Picked up passports. We had to turn them in before arriving in Greece for immigration purposes, and since we were going to Athens and Mykonos with another country between, they had to be inspected by the Greek authorities each time. Unfortunately, they did not stamp them.

2. Exchanged $US travelers checks for Euro. The ship's current exchange rate is $1.359 per Euro.

3. Saw Lincoln at the Buena Vista theater with DH and N. I had wanted to see it but hadn't gotten to, so a sea day was perfect time.

4. Delivered the rest of the Fish Extender gifts to DISboard participants. This is a trinket/gift exchange that began several years ago among fellow cruisers and is a fun tradition. It is called Fish Extender because one extends the holding capacity of the fish decor outside the cabin door to allow gifts and such to be left. See photo.

4. Met one of my new friends and her tablemate to share our Smash Book / scrap books and ideas. I've had such a good time putting things together in our book to help us remember this trip.

5. Nap, of course.

6. Pirates in the Mediterranean dinner. It's usually pirates in the Caribbean but since we are in the Med, that's what they are calling it (even though the materials still say Caribbean).

7. Gratuities for cabin steward and dining staff were auto-added to accounts today. I like that it means no extra paperwork for me. We just put the ticket in a provided envelope and if we want to add more, we can. The recommended tipping is $12 per person per day which is split among the team.

8. Once Upon a Song is tonight's main show, followed by the Pirate deck party and fireworks. We learned yesterday that the ship has to be at least 12 miles from land to be able to shoot off the fireworks. Hopefully it won't be too windy for them to do tonight. After the fireworks is the late-night pirate buffet with turkey legs, crepes, and other food choices.

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