Saturday, June 29, 2013

Free time in Florence

We ported in La Spezia on Saturday and went into Florence with a DCL excursion titled Florence and Michelangelo. As part of the tour, we had free time for lunch and wandering about. This set of photos are from things we did during our free time.

Long time readers of this blog may remember a post about international Disney Stores. I had forgotten there was one in Florence so I was pleasantly surprised to walk right by it. We went in for a quick look and I snapped the photo of Donald before a cast member could tell me no photos of the structures. Oops. Guess I have been on the ship too long where they let us photograph nearly everything. Even my DCL excursion sticker didn't let me get a second photo inside. The Goofy one was funnier.

A friend told us if we had a chance, we should try the gelateria shown in the bottom left photo. He went so far as to send me a screenshot from Google maps (or some similar site) and a photo of the shop so we could find it. It was easy as it was just a few steps down from the Disney Store. We each had a cup of gelato and grabbed some free wifi although I got fussed at when I sat on a chair to type in the password they had just given me... Even though there were no customers there for table service, you cannot sit. I stepped over to a table still needing to be cleared and put my gelato down so I could type in the password before we stepped outside to use it. Apparently that was ok. DH reminded me that La Spezia was the same port where I was stopped coming out of a shop in Vernazza with my small purchase and receipt in hand, yet the man felt it necessary to make sure I hadn't taken anything... all for a 2,50€ thimble! I guess I just don't fit into this part of Italy.

The bottom right picture is of the menu from where we had lunch, an underground restaurant that our tour guide recommended. We each had ravioli as that was the best we could figure out with our very limited Italian, and it was a good choice... Very fresh and delicious.


  1. We are doing this same tour on our cruise! How did you like it? did you have enough free time for lunch and look around or did you feel rushed?

  2. We had enough time for what we wanted to see and do, and that seemed to be the consensus of the group. Some people split off earlier.