Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Monte Carlo

Our excursion from Villefranche included an hour stop in Monte Carlo. We drove along the highway through the starting point of the Grand Prix and were able to see the markings and some of the barriers that were still in place from last month's race. As we walked up to the main square, we walked along the famous hair pin curve which you can see in today's featured pictures.

While in Monte Carlo, we had our first gelato for the trip, and as you might expect, everything in Monte Carlo is expensive! A single scoop for each of us was a grand total of 16€... we looked at souvenir prices and they were marked up about the same percentage over what we have since found. You might say that the gelato in Monte Carlo was our souvenir for the day as that was about our entire daily souvenir budget!

The Funnelvision movie for the evening was Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.

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