Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Malta

When entering to port of Valletta, you can see the domes of churches and cathedrals standing above the fortified walls. While Greece was all white and blue, Malta is more beige and red tones and makes an impressive view as you approach (top left). The actual port side had colorful windows and doors... They didn't make these for the tourists, but these buildings were historically used as store houses with each color indicating what was stored within. Many have since been converted to shops and restaurants but have maintained their colorful facade (top right). We were also impressed with the details of the architecture, particularly the doors with their ornate handles (bottom left).

Our guide suggested that we try a favorite local snack called a pastizzi which is stuffed with ricotta cheese or peas (like mushy peas in England). We opted for a cheese one. Malta was under British control for many years, thus accounting for the mushy peas in their snacks, the use of English as an official language (along with Maltese, of course) and their driving on the left side of the road.

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