Friday, June 21, 2013


Friday's tour from Piraeus took us past several important archaeological sites in Athens as well as to the most important one, the Acropolis where there are several works that are preserved and/or are being restored. Unlike the Forum in Rome, the Acropolis, which means hill, is airy and a cool breeze would occasionally rise to blow dust everywhere but keep one from becoming overheated in the summer solstice's sun today.

The Parthenon (top) is just as awesome to see as you might think this icon would be. It stands so tall and is an architectural wonder. The temple of Athena (bottom left) is beautiful. And there is one one olive tree on the top of the hill.

If you go, the entrance fee is 12€ and worth it. Allow 15 minutes to climb to the top, at least 45 minutes at the top, and another 15 minutes for the journey down. The paths are mostly marble and stone, worn slick from the millions of people who have trekked up to see these ancient buildings. There is a WC at the bottom before you enter, and another one at the top just beyond the Parthenon.

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