Wednesday, June 12, 2013

International Terminal at Atlanta Airport

I have to say how awesome the International Terminal is at the Atlanta airport. It is quiet, spacious, and very much out of the fray of the hustle and bustle of the rest of the airport. There are plenty of charging outlets, and even some that you can connect your device by USB, so everything can be fully charged before boarding. Restrooms are conveniently located near the gates, so no long hurried trek before boarding. Plenty of seating and the seats are more comfortable than other places.

The food court is pretty limited, but a quick ride on the Plane Train to to Concourse E can take care of that. Z and I had a sandwich from Arby's, something we don't get at home because it is across Magnolia and out of our zone. N had some pizza while DH found a salad. Concourse E was where we have flown from before.

We have met some fellow DCL passengers waiting to go, and we have heard from others who are trying their best to get here on time but have experienced flight delays from their originating airports. Wishing them all safe travels.

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