Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sneak peek at Miletus, Turkey

There is some unrest in parts of Turkey that we are keeping an eye on as we are currently scheduled to port in Kusadasi in just over two weeks.  We are hopeful that things will be such that our ship will be able to dock there and we will be able to go on our excursion to Ephesus, Didyma, and Miletus.

We chose this excursion out of all the offerings through the cruiseline because we could see Ephesus and also go to Miletus, both places which are mentioned with significance in the Bible.  There is a website called BibleClassBooks.com that has several photographs from the area that we have been able to look at for a sneak peek of what we will hopefully be able to see while there.  Here's just one of the photos from Miletus.

If you're interested in more photos of Miletus - and we think they are worth viewing - you can find them at this link.  And as long as you're there, you might want to look at the photos from Athens, Greece, as well.  We're scheduled to be there the day before.

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