Friday, June 14, 2013

La Sagrada Familia

Today we went to La Sagrada Familia. We had pre purchased our tickets so we were able to avoid the long line that was over a city-block long. Our ticket was for an 11:00 entry (it gives you an hour window to enter) but they will let you in 15 minutes early if there is not too much of a crowd. We arrived at 10:20 via the Bus Turistic so we had time to walk around the block for some exterior pictures.

We had seen the outside in 2007 and noticed a bit of change since then. This church building is truly a work in progress. But we had not been inside before; it is beautiful and worth the 1/2 hour we enjoyed it. There is an app I have mentioned previously that gives a virtual tour, so I will leave it to you to look for yourselves, but I thought I would share these images from inside that caught my eye.

After our visit, we finished the blue route on the Bus Turistic before returning to the hotel for an afternoon rest.


  1. Lawson and Bennett just returned from Spain a little over a week ago. Lawson said this church is the most beautiful church he has ever been in! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us :)

    1. We thought it was pretty cool, too.

  2. Lil DD and I thought this church was incredible. Like you we bought out tickets ahead of time online so avoided the wait.