Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More from Roma

Our day in Roma was fabulous. (Our driver said we couldn't call the city Rome, her name is Roma.) In addition to spending time at the Roman Forum, our driver (Mike from Rome in Limo) took us to a place where we could see the breadth of the city and its mishmashed architectural styles (top left).

We got a history lesson as we viewed the Circus Maximus (top right), and while many people said before we left that oh, it's just a field, with a proper guide or reading ahead, you can nearly hear the chariot races in your mind as you look on that field and imagine the crowds of over 300,000 people gathered to watch the racers win at any cost.

We stopped by the Mamertinum Prison (bottom left) where the apostle Paul was held captive and viewed a cell typical of those found in Bible times. Entry is 5€ per person.

I remembered the umbrella pine trees from our visit in 2007 and still think they are so cool. Our driver told us that there is a height restriction for buildings, and the flat tops of the trees make me think that even Mother Nature complies with the laws of Rome.

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