Thursday, June 27, 2013

And we're all aboard again!

Thursday marked our first experience with the back-to-back experience with cruising as our cruise to Greece and Turkey ended and our cruise to Venice and Dubrovnik began. We were curious about how change-over day would work, and our experience is different than others might have, but the process for DCL in Barcelona is generally the same.

We received a letter two days before the end of the cruise with instructions for when and where to meet to disembark and reboard as well as what to do with our luggage and such. Because we were moving just one cabin over and would have the same stateroom host (big shout out to Cheffy!), we were able to arrange with him to move our things before having to go through the disembarking process. The people who had occupied our new cabin had an early departure, so he cleaned the cabin first, then let us know it was available for us to move into. We had packed most things already and were able to just carry over items on hangers.

After we moved everything in, we wandered around the ship and ran into several of our new friends so it was great to have a chance to say goodbye and such. Then we met in Sessions (Deck 3 fwd) by 9:30 and were escorted off the ship, through the terminal, and directly to check-in. We received our new keys and then waited for a bit before the ship was cleared for us to reboard. We were back onboard by 10:30.

We used the time onboard to go back to our cabin and unpack so that job was out of the way. Then we walked around taking pictures and just watching what was happening until people started to board and lunch was being served. After lunch, we took a couple of pictures outside and then happened to be in the atrium when Mickey Mouse boarded the ship. Once he was on, we knew we could go at any time!

Be ause the unpacking was already done, I had time for an afternoon nap which has become a bit of a habit. I hope my coworkers won't mind that when I return to work in a couple of weeks.

It was a bit odd when I went to Deck 9 for a soft drink after my nap and didn't recognize anyone. After spending 12 days with the same people, you meet a lot of them, but most were gone. The best thing about today was getting to meet some new friends and share in their joy of being all aboard!

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  1. Glad to hear your experience was great with the back to back. We are doing back to back as well, but we are moving cabins from second to fifth floor.So that would be interesting!