Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rental cars and pancakes

It's Wednesday morning, and that means we fly to Barcelona this afternoon.  We had an uneventful night at the hotel, always a good thing.  My brother met us for dinner, then we returned the rental car to the ATL airport.  Since the hotel has a shuttle service, we decided it would be better to take care of that last night and be dropped off today right where we check in than to have to return the car and manage our luggage, too.  The rental car companies have their own site by the airport and have a sky train to connect you to the main terminal.  We were able to get an idea of how to go when we get back and need to pick up a vehicle. 

We are staying at a Holiday Inn and Suites.This hotel is in a great location with several restaurants within walking distance.  Also a Publix, Walgreens, and even a movie theater.  We requested a late check out since we don't need to be at the airport until around 1pm.

We got up in time to get some breakfast before they stopped serving, and brought back a tray for a sleeping teenager.  Then we walked over to Publix to hit the ATM to replace the cash we spent yesterday, and now are just waiting until time to toss our overnight stuff into a suitcase, unplug everything that is recharging, and take the 12:30 shuttle over.  One boy and one DH are napping right now.  The other boy was giggling over a YouTube video.

Which made me wonder if there was a YouTube video of the pancake machines at the Holiday Inn Express. yep.  

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