Thursday, August 22, 2013

We saw that on vacation: Linking our trip to school work

We have been fortunate to be able to travel with our children over the years and every time they learn something at school that relates to where we've been, I say "And that's why we make these trips..."  Being able to see sites or hear stories of places from local guides makes the history come alive for us, and for those times when our experiences collide with their coursework, I am thankful.

The boys started back to school this week and they each have a full load of courses - and the cool part - to me, anyway - is that they each have two classes that relate to our Summer 2013 travels. 

Both boys taking Latin 2, picking right back up where they left off in May.  Our visits in Pompeii and Rome relate to their class as they will be studying not only the language, but the culture and history of civilization.

The older one is taking AP Art History.  We spent some of our time in Florence looking at works of art and statues that may be covered, and as he's beginning the class, I've learned that architecture is also included as part of what they are studying.  We definitely saw a lot of architecture on our trip.

The younger one is taking AP Euro History, which the older one had two years ago.  While we were on our trip, the older one occasionally pointed something out that he had learned about, either through reading, lecture, or video, in the course, so we know that his brother will have some moments to reflect on our summer while studying.

What the beginning of the school year means for me is that while I may want to post each day, the reality is that there will be days I don't get one written.  My intent is to continue posting related to traveling, particularly about the ports we have visited, or cruising, with some other topics from time to time.  We hope you'll stay with us.


  1. Hi! I'll stay! I've been really enjoying all your blog posts!

    1. Thanks. We are grateful for the indulgence of our readers.