Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ghiberti's Doors: The Baptistery of San Giovanni (Firenze)

As we neared the end of our Florence and Michelangelo tour, we stopped by the Baptistery of San Giovanni to admire what Michelangelo called The Gates of Paradise, the gold doors crafted by Lorenzo Ghiberti from 1425 – 1452.  One of the boys commented that he was hoping we would see it because he had watched a video about the doors in his AP European History class which means he knew more about them than the rest of us.


We couldn’t get close enough to get a full picture of the panels on the doors, but hopefully you can see enough to identify the scenes depicted.  From the top left, moving across: 

A.      Adam and Eve

B.      Labors of Adam, Cain and Abel

C.      Noah

D.      Abraham and Isaac

E.       Jacob and Esau

F.       Joseph and Benjamin

G.     Moses

H.      Fall of Jericho

I.        David

J.        Solomon and the Queen of Sheba


This is another of the places where we had a quick stop in Florence that warrants more time to admire.  But since that’s not in our immediate plans, we’ll have to travel there virtually.  The Museums of Florence website has a fuller description of the history of the Baptistery and its beautiful doors as well as detailed photos of each panel.  Definitely worth the look.







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