Saturday, August 10, 2013

Atlanta-Hartsfield International Terminal

Our flight to Barcelona left from Atlanta's Hartsfield International airport. The last time we flew internationally, they had just begun the new international terminal so our flight had left from Terminal E. But this time Terminal F was open and wow, what a beautiful terminal and relaxing place to wait. You can see how spacious and modern the area is with plenty of comfortable seating and places to charge up your electronics.

We had taken a hotel shuttle to the airport and just told the driver which airline we were flying. We didn't think to mention that it was an international flight, so we checked in at the main Departure area and took the Plane Train all the way across the airport. When we entered Terminal F, we realized that we could have checked in right there and not had to trek across the airport.

The new terminal has some restaurants but there is a wider variety at Terminal E's food court, so we took the Plane Train back to E for our pre-flight dinner and then relaxed in F until time for the flight.

DH and I had the opportunity to fly through Atlanta's airport in the last week. We had a 3 hour layover, so we went down to hang out in Terminal F away from the hustle and bustle of Terminal B. Plus our mifi that operates off the Sprint network didn't connect in B, but I knew from our previous experience that there was excellent reception in Terminal F (perhaps because it wasn't competing for bandwidth).

When we left from Barcelona, we noticed that once you went through security for international flights, you were basically trapped in the gate area with only a McDonalds and the duty-free shop. The nice thing about Atlanta's airport is that there are plenty of restaurants, shops, and services in each of the terminals so you can move freely between them. From now on, when we have a longer layover in Atlanta, we will be waiting in F for part of that time.

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