Wednesday, August 14, 2013

St. Peter's Dome: An Optical Illusion in Rome

While in Roma, our driver from Rome In Limo took us to a place where there was a beautiful view of St. Peter’s dome, but the closer we got to it, the further away it appeared.  Our driver was delighted to show us this optical illusion that was a wonderful surprise to us.


You, too, can experience this by making your way to Via Nicolò Piccolomini and driving towards the end of the street.  Watch carefully and the dome will appear to move backwards as you approach. 


If you won’t be in Rome but you want to see this effect, Google Maps in Street View does a great of illustrating this phenomenon.  Plot to Via Nicolò Piccolomini, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy and then switch to street view by using the little yellow man and have him point to the northeast.  Notice the size of the dome in the distance, then gradually move down the street and see what happens!


Photo Courtesy of Rome In Limo



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