Friday, August 23, 2013

Name those spices: A quiz

Grocery shopping is quite different in other countries than where we live in the US.  Or at least it seems that way in the cities that we visited in Europe.  I thought perhaps it was because we were visiting large cities, but we found similar shopping experiences in smaller towns and villages as well.

What’s different is that while we often have “one stop shopping” where we can buy meats, fruits, vegetables, breads, dairy, eggs, canned items and convenience foods all in one super-store, we noticed that in the areas we were, there was the butcher shop, the bakery, (and no, not the candle maker – LOL), the fruit and vegetable stands, the fresh fish right out of the water.  We noticed that people would shop on their way home in the evenings, picking up only what they needed for that night’s dinner.  Everything was so fresh.

So when we did encounter  a store that was reminiscent of a US grocery store, we had to go inside.  We looked for familiar items as well as to see what was “strange” to us.  There was a fresh meat area, fresh cheese and dairy, and fresh vegetables and fruits.  There was even an area where you could get fresh herbs and spices.

I’m not much of a cook so I don’t know my herbs and spices, but I thought these looked cool.  I took pictures of them thinking I would Google them when we returned to see what they were, but my Googling  didn’t turn up an answer.  So, dear readers, if you can identify these for me, I will be ever so thankful.  Leave your answers in the comments.





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  1. I found something, I think! I used the labels on the individual items - it looks like they're sausages!,9459,35868_6908150_6912165_4577398_398767607,00.html