Thursday, July 11, 2013

The paneled doors of Deck 3

When you first board the Disney Magic, it is generally through the gangway on Deck 3 and there is great fanfare as you are welcomed aboard. But once they close up the doors, you don't really notice the area as where you walked through the side of the ship even though sometimes they have photo ops set up in the area with characters or special backdrops.

It wasn't until the final night that it dawned on me that the two paneled places along the starboard side of the atrium area were those doors (top photo) even though we had used them in both Barcelona and Venice. We also used Deck 3 in Naples, but that was on the port side, and until then, I hadn't even thought about a port side exit from Deck 3 as we generally have used gangways set up on Deck 1 forward or aft rather than Deck 3 midship.

On the last morning as I was taking some pre-leaving photos of the atrium area, I noticed the opened door on Deck 3. When we left a while later, both of the doors were open to accommodate the guests who were leaving the ship.

We didn't linger in the atrium area for one last look at her. She is going to dry dock later this year and will have renovations done including the removal of the staircase in the bottom photo. It was better to just go, kind of like ripping off a bandaid... Just get it done. So we took one final step through the doorway leaving behind 24 fabulous days and nights on our beloved Disney Magic.

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