Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cabin location

While in Valletta, we were at the Upper Barracca Gardens and had a great view of the ship. In addition to seeing her from a higher perspective, we were able to zoom in to locate our cabin, marked by the red triangle.

We like our Deck 6 location because it is near the aft elevators without being in the direct flow of lobby traffic, and it is above the aft gangway so on port days like today, we don't have far to go for getting off or back on the ship. We can also watch the pilots as they leave the ship once she is in open waters as she leaves each port as most of the time, the pilots exit from the port side. We also like that we are above the lifeboats so there are no worries about neighbors below us if we are heavy-footed in the late evening or early morning.

For the first half of our back to back cruises, we were in the cabin just to the left of the one marked in the photo.


  1. Hi Cindy!

    Enjoying your blog =) Would you mind taking a picture of the luggage storage counter in the Port? It is located in the disembarkation terminal, immediately next to the suitcase pick up area when you get off the ship.

    I saw it when leaving the June 1 Med but didn't have my camera on me. I'd like to use this service next year for the EBTA (if we decide to do it).


    ~Annie (lilpooh108)

    1. Annie, if they let us take photos in the terminal, I will see if I can. The debarkation info sheet says the company that has the shipping contract will also store and deliver luggage to the airport for those with late flights who want to hang out in Barcelona for the

  2. It has been so fun to read your blog. We are on the cruise right after yours.
    Do you know if they are selling adult croc clogs (with the mickey mouse cutoffs) in the Disney gift store onboard?

    1. Valerie, they do have adult sized crocs. Tan colored. $39.95. They have smaller sized pink ones as well. Mickeys mates.

  3. Thanks for checking for me Cindy. Have a safe trip home.