Friday, July 12, 2013

Hand Soap for Everyone!

A fun part of cruise planning is being involved with an online community where you can meet other people who will be on the same cruise with you.  We participate in both and where we became acquainted with several of our ship mates before we even left home.


Some of the DISBoards members participate in a gift exchange.  For those that do, they bring items to give to the other participants – it can be anything, really – pencils, notepads, magnets, postcards, trinkets for Pirate night, memorabilia from a local sports team, craft items, things you might find useful on excursions, really whatever you want to bring.  Then during the cruise, you take your items around and drop them off at the other participants’ cabins. 


We participated in this exchange on both the Greece and the Venice itinerary, and among the really creative and thoughtful items we received, this Hand Soap was the the most useful!  I had never seen hand soap sheets before, so when I found it in our gift bag, I tossed it into my day bag (along with the travel t.p. I carry) in case I ever needed it.  And wouldn’t you know it, the very next day in Bracciano, the public WC, while having plenty of TP, did not have soap.  So I got to use it, and then, as other ladies from our tour were ready to wash up, I shared!  Hand Soap for everyone!


This item is now going on my “must” list for packing.


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