Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sea Day

Our second sea day for our second cruise has been as quiet, calm, and relaxing as this photo of the sea taken at 7:30 PM. It started about twelve hours earlier when I woke up, got some drinkable yogurt for breakfast from Goofy's Galley, and settled in at the Cove Cafe to read Inferno by Dan Brown. This was a travel gift for us from a friend before we left, so we each loaded it onto our Kindles. DH finished it during the first cruise but I had not yet had a chance to start, so today was a great day to begin.

The guys got up and out by 10:30, so we cleared out of the cabin so our stateroom host could get the bunk bed folded into the ceiling along with whatever other magic he does for us each day. We found a spot on Deck 4 starboard to read and relax until noon when it was time to get a picture with Minnie in her princess outfit. Success!

For lunch, Topsiders had grilled steak, chicken, and mahi mahi. I won't order steak in the dini g rooms any more because what they serve straight from the grill is so much better than what they have from the menu (my opinion, of course).

DH and N spent the afternoon rewatching The Lone Ranger while Z was off at the teen club, so I used my free time to organize the souvenirs and other such stuff that we have accumulated over the last 21 days. Thank goodness there is the option to ship things home from the port, although I may see what the fee is for an overweight bag and if it is comparable, then we may just do that.

Dinner tonight was semi-formal but also theme night, so the boys skipped while DH and I went to Lumiere's. We Ike their fresh grilled chicken salad they offer, and more importantly, this was my last opportunity to have creme brûlée cheesecake as once the ship goes through dry dock, Parrot Cay will no longer exist and with its demise goes the cheesecake.

There is a new variety act on board tonight performing for the main show, so I will see if before retiring early. Our last port is tomorrow when we stop in Valletta, Malta, for our second visit.

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