Friday, July 5, 2013


The Disney Magic had her inaugural visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia, making this the eighth country we have visited during our vacation.

For our time in Dubrovnik, we engaged the services of a guide to meet us at the port and take us around the city. Our guide was waiting for us by the time the ship was fully docked and being cleared for us to disembark. We saw him from our verandah and called out for him so he knew we were coming.

We started the tour by heading to the Old Town, entering at the Pile Gate and strolling down Placa before wandering through other parts of the city. Our guide lived in the Old Town for many years and was greeted personally around nearly every corner. He gave us the history and stories of Dubrovnik's past and present as well as their hope for the future.

Before leaving the old area, we went up on the city walls. It is 90 kuna for adults and 30 kuna for children under age 18. We didn't spend much time on the wall as we had other places outside the city that we wanted to see, but we were able to get an overview of the places we had walked.

From there, we drove up to where to cable car goes, stopping along the way for pictures including the one presented here. The views were spectacular and well worth going. If you are visiting Dubrovnik and have a chance to take the cable car, you should do that.

Our guide drove us to and through several of the nearby villages to get a panoramic view of the area and pointed out where the border was between Croatia and Bosnia. Instead of going to the War Museum, we drove rough areas where there is still damage visible from the war 20+ years ago. Seeing those areas firsthand was more sobering than anything the museum may have offered.

We also drove to Cavtat for a quick look around and then to the bay side of the area to see the spring where their water originates. Like we found in Rome and a few other places, the water flowing from the fountains in the city was clear, cold, and drinkable... all refreshing on a hot July afternoon.

Our day in Dubrovnik and the surrounding area has been one of the best of the trip. We saw several DCL excursion groups crowded around their guides and were a bit relieved to not be in the fray of people. Another ship was also in port, so the crowd of tourists swelled to about 6,000 people, apparently a light day for the port.

Dubrovnik is an area I would visit again if the opportunity presented itself.

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  1. Tom and I were in Dubrovnik in 1989. It was a crazy time politically to be there, but I remember the town was beautiful! We loved walking the walls and strolling the old town. It is great seeing your pictures!!