Monday, July 8, 2013

24 days later

Today is our 24th day on the Disney Magic. Before you think wow, that's a lot, I was talking to someone this morning who is staying on for the next four nights as well.

It's a sea day which means there are a lot of activities going on around the ship, but the most important one for me was the packing. With a 50-lb per bag weight restriction for the airlines, I had to balance out the heavier items with those lighter ones that can also act as cushions. So with an eye out the verandah door listening to the calm of the Mediterranean Sea, I got it all packed with room to spare. Not quite sure how we did that, but having come with some extra room to begin with and having gotten rid of or used up some if the things we brought, I'm not even having to leave behind an extra bottle of H2O lotion or shampoo!

We will spend one more night in Barcelona before heading home. I'm glad for that because whole the bags are packed tonight, we will have things in the morning that will need to be added. I would rather be able to do that with some space and privacy rather than in the middle of the cruise terminal or worse, in the luggage line at the airport. This will give us a chance to shift those last minute items around before we even head to the airport the next day.

And now that the packing is done, there is a chair on the verandah waiting for me to sit and read more of Inferno. So ciao for now.


  1. Been following all along and sad to look today and see those suitcases. Almost as sad a I would have been if I had been there. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your blog! -Paula H

    1. We weren't happy about the suitcases either. But just because our real-time reporting is nearly over doesn't mean we are done blogging our trip! With nearly 5,000 photos tomgomthrough, there is plenty more to share that time restrictions limited. So stay tuned.

  2. Your cell-mates are looking forward to your return!