Thursday, July 18, 2013

Map of Mykonos

One of my favorite days was the one we spent in Mykonos.  This beautiful Greek island offers so much – beaches, historical places, spectacular views, delicious food, shopping, and some of the nicest, friendliest people we’ve met.  Things are quite laid back in Mykonos and if we were to make another trip to the area, Mykonos will be on my list of places to stay a few days.  And if the other Greek isles are similar, I’d be happy to island-hop for a vacation. 

From where we ported in Mykonos, the ship provided a shuttle bus to take us to the main town area which is located at the top of the map in today’s photo.  This area is where you can get ferry boats to various places and is a central transportation hub.  There are beautiful yachts moored there, too.  From there, we walked into town passing several cafes, restaurants, and shops, stopping for souvenirs and water along the way.  There is plenty to see on the main street, but if you go, be sure to wander off the beaten path to the shops that are a block or so off.  They have a variety of local merchandise and the shops aren’t so busy. 

The You are Here marker on the left side is the end of the main area along the water, but if you continue walking around the curve, you come to what they call their Little Venice, and then walk a short distance more around and you’ll see the windmills up on the hill located at the bottom left of this map.  They have these maps posted throughout town, and with the windy little streets in the main area, you definitely need to stop and get your bearings.  One good thing was that we could nearly always see our ship from wherever we were, even though she was quite a bit off in the distance.

Here’s a better map if you want to see more of the area for yourself.

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