Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why blog?

When we decided to use our vacation club points for the Greece itinerary, we knew that spring break would be tough because we were foregoing our usual trip to Disney World where I always enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival. We were right, but fortunately we have plenty of friends in both real life and online who have kept our photo feeds full of pictures from the events. While it is not the same as being there ourselves, we are excited for them to experience it and happy that they have shared their time and experiences virtually.

Someone asked me why I am blogging this trip, particularly in detail before going. My answer is that I enjoy reading and researching about places and events and I know others do, too, so if our planning and preparation can help someone else, then we are glad to do it. Not only that, but I know how much I enjoy following along with others on similar journeys and learn so much from them.

I hope our virtual broadcast of this adventure brings entertainment and information to those interested.

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