Sunday, March 24, 2013

Average Temperatures

We spent this last week on spring break visiting family in Kentucky.  While there, the temperatures dropped to the 20s at night and barely made it to the low 40s during the day. It was cold and miserable weather-wise, but we enjoyed the time with the relatives, especially as we celebrated DH's father's 90th birthday.

We had been to Kentucky for Christmas and had said then that we didn't want to go back when it was going to be so cold. We never expected it to be cold in late March, but considering our luck with weather on vacation, we shouldn't have been surprised.  In 2009, we spent a cold winter at Disneyland one week in June.  Our shorts and t-shirts had to be supplemented with hoodies and sweatshirts to keep warm. 

In 2010, we cruised in the North Sea and the Baltics.  We expected to have cooler weather for much of the trip, so we packed accordingly. Thankfully we also packed some warm-weather attire because while in St. Petersburg, Russia and Helsinki, Finland, both cities experienced 100-year record highs in the 90s!  So much for the cooler weather we were expecting compared to the heat of the southern US in the summer.

This led me to wonder about the average high temperatures for the ports we'll be visiting this summer.  It appears that the average temperatures for June and July will be mild with the more southern areas being warmer than Venice which will be the furthest north we're going.  In fact, here's what we can expect:
  • Barcelona - 77 F
  • Southern France - 70 F
  • Florence - 77 F
  • Rome - 75 F
  • Athens - 81 F
  • Mykonos - 79 F
  • Kusadasi, Turkey - 81 F
  • Malta - 79 F
  • Naples - 76 F
  • Venice - 73 F
  • Dubrovnik - 72 F
Being ones to learn from experience, we'll be packing for both warm and cooler weather.  And no matter the temperatures we face, it will have to be better than the average high of 92 F where we would be otherwise.

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