Monday, March 4, 2013

Daylight Saving Time and Sunsets

Daylight Saving Time is approaching this weekend. The first few days are particularly tough as it will be dark again when we head out for our day, but the extra bit of daylight after work and school activities will be welcomed.  Our son found this YouTube video that does a good job of explaining how Daylight Saving Time came to be.

We particularly enjoy the benefit of the later sunset while on vacation.  The extra daylight hours mean more time to enjoy the new cities we are visiting, and while cruising, we are more likely to be able to enjoy a sunset that doesn't come in the middle of dinner.
When we leave from home, the sunset will be at 8:39 PM local time.  According to, we can expect sunset to occur later than home in many of our ports.
9:26 PM
9:15 PM
Italy – Florence and Rome
8:48 PM
8:51 PM
8:40 PM
8:22 PM
Italy – Venice
9:15 PM
8:49 PM

As an aside, when we were on a Baltic cruise in 2010, we had an overnight stop in St. Petersburg, Russia.  One of the shore excursions was an evening boat tour on the river. I was very excited to get to see St. Petersburg at night, but what I hadn't accounted for was how very far north we were and that it never truly got dark!  Our evening boat ride was ending right around sunset - well after 10 PM!

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