Monday, March 18, 2013

Someone has been reading our blog...

We were at the barber shop on Saturday getting haircuts for all three of the guys.   As it happened, only one barber was in rather than the usual three, but as luck would have it, there were no other customers. So for the next 45 minutes, a member of our family was getting a haircut. 

While we were there, a woman came in with a boy about 7 years old. She was in a hurry and her boy "needed" a haircut. The barber was working on head number two in our family, and another man had come in, so he kindly told her there were two more ahead of her. 

She was heading out of town to catch a flight later that afternoon from an airport that was 4 1/2 hours away.  She went on and on about how she wanted her son to look nice for the family they would be seeing at the other end of their flight. I think she was hoping someone would let her jump ahead and get the boy's haircut, but the barber didn't even give them a chance.  She asked for recommendations of where else she could go and he suggested just wait til she got where she was going when she would have time to get it done.  He did give the boy a piece of bubblegum and two lollipops for the plane. 

My guys looked at me as if to say, "why would you wait until the last minute to get your haircut when you are heading out of town?"  

It's almost as if they have been reading my blog posts. 

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