Monday, March 11, 2013

Celebrating a birthday at sea

It’s always fun to celebrate your birthday, but what if you can do it while on a cruise ship?


This summer, our older son will turn 17 during our cruise. This won’t be his first birthday on a cruise ship; in 2011 he turned 15 while sailing through the inside passage of Alaska.  He isn’t one for a lot of fuss; in fact, he prefers we not mention it at all.  But we can’t let a birthday go uncelebrated, so we decorate our cabin door with a party hat, and Mickey and the gang will send a card with some confetti at some point during the day.  He has already ordered his birthday present because he wanted it for the trip – the new Nintendo 3DS. 


But what about those of you who do want to celebrate onboard?  Cruise lines offer a variety of celebration packages including decorations for the cabin and a special cake to be delivered to your cabin or dining table.  Of course these come with a price, so you do-it-yourselfers might want to bring your own party decorations.  Just remember to not hang anything from the fire sprinkler nor over the balcony railing, and please, no lighting the candles (safety first).  Treat yourself to a spa appointment or personal training session in the gym; take an onboard class like towel folding or mixology; let the entertainers at the pre-dinner music sets know it’s your birthday and they’ll sing for you.


However you decide to celebrate your birthday or a loved one’s, may it be a special day full of enchanting memories.


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