Wednesday, March 6, 2013

H2O Plus Products on Disney Cruise Line

One of my favorite things about Disney Cruise Line is their line of shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.  Part of the H2O Plus line of bath and body products, the Sea Marine shampoo and conditioner works well and smells wonderfully fresh.  The hydrating body butter (lotion) is thick and creamy and really hydrates skin that has been out in the sun and wind.  I like that these products are provided in sizes where you can actually get more than one head of hair washed, and you aren't squeezing the last of the lotion out in just one day. 
The first time we sailed, I learned that if you ask, your cabin steward will provide you with an extra set to take home; and after several sailings, I learned that if you let your cabin steward know early on how much you love the products, if he is able, he will hook you up with enough to last for a couple of weeks after you get home.  I probably shouldn't tell you about the time we had to shift the contents of our luggage to distribute the weight of the extra lotion we brought home!*  It makes a great gift for family and friends! 
We do ration out the shampoo once we are home because we want to have it last as long as possible but still enjoy using it.  There are times when things are crazy-busy at home and no vacation in the near future that just using the products can help us escape, even if just for a short while.
* DH has already said he's not going to carry on an extra bag for our return trip this summer just so I can pack extra shampoo, conditioner, and lotion to tide me over until our next DCL cruise.  Probably a good thing since we don't have our sights set on another DCL at this point.

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