Sunday, May 19, 2013

Unusual items on the packing list

As our packing list becomes more complete, I noticed a few things on it that might seem odd to take, but I know we will find them to be useful, so I thought I would share them here.

Up first is the cardboard drink carrier that we got from Chick-Fil-A last summer when my brother and I went out for milkshakes for everyone.  I saved the two carriers specifically for our cruises this summer because I thought they would be handy for carrying drinks back to the cabin.  You see, on Disney ships, the soda is free and there are self-serve drink stations on one of the upper decks (on Deck 9 on the Magic where we'll be next month).  They have paper cups, plastic lids, and straws available.  So what often happens is that one of us will head out to get a drink and someone else in the cabin will ask if you would one back for them.  Not a problem, but it does fill up both hands and can make re-entering the cabin a bit more difficult because you need one hand to insert your cabin key and open the door while balancing an extra drink.  Solution? The cardboard drink carrier, used as designed, will allow a free hand for negotiating the cabin door.  In addition, the Disney ships have soft-serve ice cream stations located near the drink station, so a trip to get a drink may also result in a cup of ice cream coming back as well.  No problem with the drink carrier, though - just put your cup of ice cream in an empty spot and you're good to go!

Another item is the plastic hanger with clips. You know, the kind you get when you buy shorts or a skirt at a store like Walmart or Target.  We'll bring 4-6 of these, depending on space, to use during the trip for several things.  For one, they will be great to hang DH's running clothes on after he's soaked them with sweat.  We can then hang them out on the verandah to dry when we are in port; they will hang nicely from the back of the deck chairs and get some fresh air on them.  They are also good for hanging damp swimsuits to dry, and are easy to move from one place to another as needed; it's a pain when you want to take a shower and the tub area is full of clothes thrown over the clothesline.  We can use them for hanging clothing on that we want to spray with Downy Wrinkle Release or want to have in the bathroom to get steamed while someone is showering.  Sure, there are hangers provided by the cruiseline, but they are wooden and not as easy to move around, plus we usually have them full of clothes; after all, there are four of us sharing a closet!

So what are some unusual things you take on vacation, and what do you use them for?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. I bring a pocket shoe organizer, the ones that you hang over the door and we put all of our toiletries in it. I have one that has clear pockets so you can see what's in each pocket.

    1. Hi Amie. This is a great tip and one we have used before. Unfortunately Disney Cruise has recently prohibited the use of over the door shoe holders Apparently they have been scratching the doors.

  2. Oh I can see where that would happen, especially from the hooks that are used to hang them. Hope you have a great trip!