Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Plan B for Naples

One disadvantage to having such a long time to plan a trip is that there comes a point when you think you have your plans pretty much set, but then something else presents itself as an appealing option. We had this happen today when we were in Bible class and looking at photos of things related to Alexander the Great that are found at the National Museum in Naples.

Before we knew that the cruise line offered a half day excursion to Pompeii, we had considered spending a half day at the National Museum and then getting some pizza. But once we booked the Pompeii excursion, we thought there would not be enough time to see the museum, so we thought we would just plan a pizza run for the afternoon.

But after learning more about the Greek Empire and seeing images of artifacts on display at the National Museum, we have a decision to make; rush a bit to see something of the museum and skip the pizza, or skip the museum. Decisions, decisions.

In 2007 I wished we had had time to see something of Naples and to try some local pizza. But we enjoy history and museums when we can see them at our own pace. I think the decision will rest on what our port departure time will be. In the meanwhile, I will prepare our afternoon itinerary including maps and directions for Plan A (pizza) and Plan B (museum). You will have to check back in several weeks to see which Plan we end up following.

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