Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Taxi in Naples

Since we were thinking about what we did during our visit to the Amalfi Coast in 2007, today we are putting together the logistics for the afternoon we’ll have in Naples after our Half-Day Pompeii excursion.
We’ve mentioned previously that we want to try some pizza from an authentic pizzeria and have identified the Pizzeria da Gaetano based on reviews from TripAdvisor.  A few other DISers are planning to head there for pizza as well.  We used the “contact us” feature on TripAdvisor to ask for directions from the port to the Pizzeria; the response: Take a taxi and let them lead to VIA CASANOVA n.109 near PORTA CAPUANA. With the taxi arrived in less than 15 minutes (3.3 km away).
So the next order of business is to figure out the taxi service in Naples. We have been cautioned when traveling by taxi in some of the areas to be sure to negotiate a price before entering the vehicle, and to use due care.  We also know that in some of the ports, such as Barcelona, the four of us will not fit into a single taxi.  However, it seems that in Naples, there is a pretty standard fare established by the city by which taxi drivers must heed.  The City of Naples makes their “Ordinary urban tariff and map (in English)” available for visitors to have for reference.  This document is useful to have because we can gauge the expected cost to get to the pizzeria and back, and as there is a line for a “per passenger” for when there are more than 4 passengers, this leads me to believe that we will be able to go in just one.  A base fare of 3.00 Euro and another 3+ Euro for the distance looks like we can get to the pizzeria and back for less than 15 Euro.

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