Sunday, May 5, 2013

(Our) Top Ten Useful Travel Sites

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be a place to gather information about the places we’ll go, the things we’d like to do, and the logistics for making it all come together.  I wanted it to be a place where others might find information to help them with their own planning for Mediterranean cruises or travel, or at least find pointers to sites with detailed information they can use.  So with that in mind, today’s post is our Top Ten Useful and Informative Internet Sites for planning our trip of a lifetime.
1.     Cruise Critic – a source of information about the cruise ports that we will visit
2.     DISBoards – a source of information and community about the Disney ship we’ll be sailing on, including an online “meet and greet” with fellow DISers who will be sailing with us
3.     TripAdvisor – a source of information about sites specifically in each port including restaurants and attraction reviews.  Includes links to their websites when available.
4.     Essence of Dubrovnik – a blog by DubrovnikLady that I met on CruiseCritic who shares her life in Dubrovnik. She also helped us secure a tour guide for our day in port.
5.     Rome in Limo – our tour guide for our day in Rome; in addition to being able to book our tour with them, they have information about the city and suggestions for building our itinerary for the day.
6.     Bus Turistic in Barcelona – a city tour for Barcelona that includes lists of sites that are recommended for tourists, but also leads you to others off the beaten path
7.     Pinterest and Google Images – to actually see the places we are going beforehand
8.     Public Library – for checking out books, both physical and electronic to read about the places we will visit. We can request books online to have the delivered to our local branch for pick-up, or electronically delivered to our e-reader devices.
9.     Rick Steves – there’s much to be said for turning to the experts, and Rick Steves is considered among the best. Not only does his website have information about the places we will go, he offers travel advice and packing tips to make one’s experience better.
10. Real and virtual friends – these are people that we know in real life or have known for a period of time via activities on the internet who have gone to the cities and places we will be visiting.  Reading their trip reports, asking questions, and seeking their opinions and advice has proven to be an invaluable resource for our travel preparation.
We hope that as our blog continues, both during the planning and preparation phase, and the actual travel itself, that it will be a source of information that others will find useful and enjoyable.  Thanks for reading these last few months – the p&p portion will be over before too much longer! 

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