Wednesday, May 29, 2013

If we don't know about it by now...

Our teenagers have exams this week as the school year is winding down.  There isn't much studying (maybe not any) going on in our house; they seem to ascribe to the "if I don't know it by now, I won't learn it by morning" philosophy. 

That's about where I am regarding our trip planning; if it's not already scheduled, booked, reserved, pre-ticketed, listed, or in the to-be-packed-pile, it's not going to happen. We've done thorough reading and web-searching, interviewed everyone we know who has been to any of the ports where we'll be, and we have a full itinerary scheduled. 

So for the next 13 days, we'll concentrate on the getting ready to go part of vacation - two more days of school; eight more days of work; clean out the refrigerator; pack the suitcases; and oh yeah, somehow I agreed to participate in a neighborhood yard sale!

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