Friday, May 3, 2013

Italian shoe-venir??

I’m not a shoe hound, really I’m not.  Finding shoes that fit comfortably and are durable, however, is sometimes more of a challenge than I like.  So as we’re preparing for our trip, I’ve been considering what shoes to take.

We’ll be traveling by air, so I want footwear that can slip on and off easily for the airport, and since it’s a 9 hour flight, I’ll definitely not want to have my shoes on for the whole flight.  And when we arrive, we may or may not have access to our hotel room (early morning arrival) so there may not be a chance to switch shoes for a morning of touring because I certainly don’t want to be digging through our luggage in the middle of the hotel lobby.

There will be plenty of port days that will require shoes that are comfortable and supportive for walking long distances and standing for great lengths of time as we listen to our tour guides explain what we’re seeing.  There will be days at sea where I’ll want shoes that are non-slip so I won’t fall on a wet deck or slick restaurant floor.  I’ll want shoes that don’t require socks so my feet can breathe.

And then there are the shoes I’ll want for wearing with cruise casual outfits for dinners in the main dining rooms, and if I decide to pack something a bit more dressy, well, that requires a different shoe than the others already identified.

Some friends introduced me to Merrell shoes.  We’ve had a Designer Shoe Warehouse open near us where I found a cute and comfortable pair of sandals.  They will definitely be going with us.


I’ve had a pair of Easy Spirit walking shoes that held up well and have given me good support, so I bought a new pair of those for the trip.  Because once I do find a pair of shoes that I like, it’s best to get another pair!


So I’ve got the casual shoes and the walking / touring shoes figured out, but not the dress shoes.  Dress shoes have always been the hardest, and I’ve often wished I could just go somewhere and have someone make a pair just for me.  Well guess what?  We’re going to Italy; they’re famous for their Italian hand-made shoes, right?  My mind is whirling, my calculator is clicking as I think about whether, just maybe, a pair of hand-made Italian shoes might be in my future…  A Google search for Italian shoes in Venice led me to Giovanna Zanella – and we have a day and a half in Venice… I wonder if that’s enough time to get an order placed?!


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