Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crème Brûlée Cheesecake



We first sailed with Disney Cruise Line in 2005.  While DCL is not known for the best food in the cruise line industry, they are known for their rotational dining.  Unlike other cruise lines where you are assigned a table in a main dining room and that’s where you go for dinner each evening and are served by the same wait staff, DCL has three themed dining rooms on their ships and they want you to experience all of them. So you rotate through the dining rooms, a different one each night for the length of your cruise.  And your wait staff goes with you, so you get the same kind of personalized service that you’d expect on a cruise.


Because DCL has three main dining rooms that are themed differently, on three nights, they each serve a specialty menu that is unique to their restaurant, while on the other nights of the cruise, the same offerings are served  ship-wide. 


On DCL’s Magic and Wonder, the Parrot Cay restaurant serves Crème Brûlée Cheesecake as one of its dessert offerings.  This is my most favorite dessert that DCL has.  It’s a light cheesecake with a Crème Brûlée topping that is so good.  And because the restaurants serve their specialty menu three separate nights, that means that Parrot Cay has Crème Brûlée cheesecake on its menu three times throughout the cruise.  And because DCL servers are known for making guests dining experiences the best they can be, they are willing to pass through the galley to bring a dessert to one of the other restaurants that doesn’t offer said dessert.  (It should be noted that on DCL’s Magic and Wonder, two of the restaurants share a galley, so it doesn’t mean they have to go further than they already are going for serving dessert.)  The first night of themed dinners, I always let our server know that the Crème Brûlée cheesecake they serve in Parrot Cay is my favorite, and every time we have cruised, when it’s dessert time, they don’t even ask what I want – they bring it right to the table!


So here’s what I figured out. We’re doing B2B cruises. That means there will be six nights that Crème Brûlée cheesecake will be served.  Mmmmmmm…

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