Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Borrowing travel books

Paging through travel books is a great way to get information about the ports and surrounding areas for a cruise.  And while you can spend a lot of time in the travel section of your local bookstore, we’ve found that borrowing books from the local library can narrow down which travel books are best suited for our adventure.

Many of the travel books at the library are out-of-date, but for most cities, the history, layout, and general information doesn’t change from year to year, so an older edition can be quite informative. However, we’ve found that the addition of e-books to our local library’s service makes the latest editions of travel books available to borrow for our e-readers.  And without a great demand for the books from other patrons, we’ve been able to check out the Fodor’s Essential series to swipe through as we are making our lists of things we’d like to see and do. 

My e-reader currently has:
If we’re lucky, these books will be available for us to take with us electronically when we travel.  And in the meanwhile, if you have any personal favorites, please leave the titles in the comments!

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