Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Of BluBlocker sunglasses

When traveling to the Mediterranean, it is important to not only shield your skin from the intensity of the sun, you should protect your eyes as well. DH and our older son have light colored eyes and are more sensitive to the sun than our brown-eyed younger son and I are.

Several years ago, DH tried a pair of BluBlocker sunglasses we found at Walgreens, and he was highly satisfied with the way they worked for him. So over the course of the next few years, he tried a variety of styles before settling on one that wraps around more and provides screening for peripheral vision as well as direct sight. Because these worked so well, we had our older son try them, and he was as satisfied as his dad. No more squinting, and no more bright sun related headaches!

Unfortunately, BluBlockers stopped selling their sunglasses through retail stores, so as sunglasses have needed replacement in recent times, we have tried several other brands, but none have performed as well as the BluBlockers.

As I have been gradually adding items to our pre-packing storage box, I asked everyone to check their sunglasses situation. And then I visited and ordered two pair of the Viper style so my fair-eyed guys can enjoy the Greek Isles and summer sun found only in the Med.

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