Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Disney Stores, Internationally

When we first went to the Med in 2007, we scheduled our return flight on the same day that we disembarked the ship which meant we had a hectic, hurried morning as we left the ship, were transported to the airport, and took care of all the administrative things we needed to do to head for home.  In a way, those moments counteracted the relaxation and enjoyment of the cruise itself.  We decided then that for future cruises that involved long flights home, we would spend an extra day before winging our way back to the US of A.

So in 2010, we took the opportunity to spend an extra day(s) in London after our Baltic tour and enjoyed an afternoon strolling through Covent Garden.  We were surprised and delighted to find a Disney Store there, so of course we had to go in!  We used to have a Disney Store in our hometown but it closed several years ago now, so whenever we're traveling, if there is a Disney Store, we like to go in, whether we buy anything or (more often) not.  In the London location, we found a Mickey Mouse with an England shirt, so we bought it for a friend at home's birthday.

That got me to thinking about whether there might be Disney Stores in any of the port cities we'll be visiting this summer.  Sure enough, there are!  Here are the locations of Disney Stores where we'll be:

Local 406, Centro Comercial Las Glorias
Barcelona, 8018

Local 2, 44-46 Centro Comercial L'illa
Barcelona, 8029

Via Calzaiuoli 69/71r
Florence, 50123

Via del Corso 165
Rome, 187

Porta Di Roma (TRU)
Unita 135, Centro Commerciale Porta Di Roma
Roma, 139

Rome Est
Centro Commerciale ROMA EST Via Collatina 858
Roma, 155

Via Toledo 129-132/ Via Stendhal
Naples, 80100

Campo San Bartolomeo 5257/58
Venice, 30124


We will definitely have some time in Barcelona and will likely seek out the Disney Store on our post-cruise day that we have, and we see that the store in Venice is a short walk from St. Marks Square and near the Grand Canal.  And yeah, we realize we'll be sailing on a Disney cruise ship surrounded by Disney merchandise for 24 days, but there's something special about finding something familiar that you can't get at home.

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