Thursday, September 26, 2013

Raising the Costa Concordia

We booked our Mediterranean cruises just days after the Costa Concordia was wrecked in January 2012.  The night of the tragic event, I stayed up entirely too late watching the online coverage of the breaking story and following along on various cruise boards to read reports as they came in from passengers who had been on board.  We thought about what we might do differently than usual when taking our next cruise so that we would be better prepared in the unlikely event that we would have to abandon ship in a hurry.  And when we sailed, we did change things up from how we've sailed before - things like making sure our passports were gathered and ready to grab in a hurry along with cash and other important documents we had with us.  We kept our belongings organized in such a way that if we lost light, we could still get what we would need. And for the first time, I took a flashlight with us.  Thankfully we didn't need quick access to anything, but I slept better each night knowing we were better prepared.

This week, the Costa Concordia was raised from where she laid on her side for these long months.  Reuters captured the raising in a time-lapse video, shared here.

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