Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lost sunglasses

At some point on our first excursion in Monaco and France, I lost my sunglasses.  I know I had them even though it was an overcast day, but the next morning when I was searching for them before heading to Cinque Terre, I couldn’t find them.  I looked all over the cabin, double-checked my day bag, and searched through everything.  The best I could determine is that they fell out of my day bag on the motorcoach on our way back to the port from Eze.  You can’t really see them, but I zoomed in and checked that my sunglasses are in the outside pocket of my day bag right near my hand which is on my camera case.  This photo was in Eze. 


A lost pair of sunglasses might not seem like a big deal, but in the Mediterranean, you want to have sunglasses; the sun is bright and sometimes very intense, especially as you head further south.  Because I wear glasses, I use the “fit over the glasses” kind of sunglasses to give fuller coverage than just those that clip onto my lenses.  Fortunately, our younger son uses the same kind of sunglasses, so I was able to occasionally borrow his when he was staying onboard, but our photos show where I was squinting in the bright light, to the point where my eyes are nearly closed.  So much for getting a family photo we can actually use for our holiday cards this year.

I should be glad that I didn’t lose a pair of prescription sunglasses; my Solar Shields are $20; the prescription lenses would be so much more!  And if anyone was going to lose them, better me than one of the kids for me to fuss at all month.  I kept thinking I would pick up another pair, but I managed to make it through without them.  But my thought is to go ahead and buy two pair when I get around to replacing them, especially if we’ll be traveling where I can’t get to my usual stores.  Then I’ll have a back-up pair.


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